Our firm was born from a strong passion of Mauro Sebaste, son of Sylla, a famous woman and a true Langa wine expert. After Sylla’s premature death, Mauro, left the family firm and, pushed by his strong passion for wines, he pursues a single objective: producing quality wines. With the help of his wife, Maria Teresa, and his in-laws, he sets up a new firm and creates a wine-producing activity. And today the next generation has joined the family business: Sylla working in accounting and Angelica painting the labels. To carry out his plan, he starts with a slow, meticulous search for vineyards: each of them with suitable features of typicality, geographical location and exposure. Nowadays, Mauro, together with the agronomist Domenico Franco, manages more than twenty hectares of vineyards. He follows ripening cycles with absolute devotion and care in order to reach one and only objective: producing total and uncompromising quality. His family firm produces an average of 150,000 bottles of wine per year and 15,000 bottles of grappa, which he exports all over the world.

Vintage Product
2011 Mauro Sebaste Barbera D’Alba DOC – Santa Rosalia /td>
2009 Mauro Sebaste Barolo Tresuri DOCG Tresuri
2006 Mauro Sebaste Barolo Brunate Riserva DOCG

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