davis family vineyards

At Davis Family Vineyards, we have some pretty strong beliefs about wine. We believe wine is an essential element in a rich and passionate life. It adds an extra layer of flavors to both meals and to friendships. In our quest for palatal perfection, our goal is for every wine to be a true, natural reflection of the vineyard and vintage in which it was grown. The earth friendly farming practices that we use enable us to achieve this goal vintage to vintage. Beyond these techniques being environmentally conscientious, they ensure a higher quality of fruit — and life — for generations to come. Within the Russian River Valley there are many varied micro-climates, much like what has been recognized in Burgundy for centuries. Through our wines, the vineyards tell the story of terroir, an expression of the neighborhood.

Vintage Product
2012 Davis Family Vineyards Cuvée Luke (Rouss/Mars/Viog)
2012 Davis Family Vineyards Cote Ros̩ (Pinot Noir) РRRV
2012 Davis Family Vineyards Estate Pinot Noir – Russian River
2012 Davis Family Vineyards Soul Patch Pinot Noir – RRV
2012 Davis Family Vineyards Old Vine Zinfandel – Russian River

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