bodegas altanza

Located in Fuenmayor (Rioja Alta), Bodegas Altanza was built in 1998. Its goal has always been and is to offer quality wine at a reasonable price, combining the best of the tradition inherent to a world renowned wine region with all the possibilities technology offers now: the goal is to make the most of a characteristic grape like the Tempranillo. Lealtanza is the name we chose for our wines because of its meaning in ancient Spanish, that is loyalty. Bodegas Altanza is loyal to Rioja tradition when selecting only Tempranillo variety, which is indigenous to Rioja, for all its wines. For these wines we select our best Tempranillo grapes, from medium to old vineyards in order to produce the best wines suitable for long ageing in our winery.

Vintage Product
2011 Bodegas Altanza – Capitoso (6 months in oak) – DOC Rioja
2010 Bodegas Altanza LeAltanza Crianza – DOC Rioja
2008 Bodegas Altanza LeAltanza Reserva – DOC Rioja
2005 Bodegas Altanza LeAltanza Gran Reserva – DOC Rioja

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