Champagne Bruno Paillard

Champagne – Reims

Bruno Paillard was born in Reims in 1953. His lineage of brokers and growers in the two Grands Crus villages of Bouzy and Verzenay dates back to 1704. Following in the family’s foot steps, he starts working as a broker…

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Chateau Des Sarrins

Côtes de Provence

Legend has it that in the 11th Century a Saracen war chief was killed and buried in his golden armour on the estate, hence the name, “Les Sarrins”. The vineyards of Château des Sarrins cover 25 hectares in the village of Saint Antonin du Var…

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Chateau Maucoil


One of the oldest Chateau in the region, Chateau Maucoil’s oldest parts date back to the 1st century, when a Roman legion formed a camp here around a natural spring, today called La Source de Chateau Maucoil.

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Lavau Family

Rhone Valley

Formerly from St Emilion, the Lavau Family has been involved in winemaking for several generations, from Bordeaux to the hills of Tunisia. In 1964, seduced by the richness and quality of the Provencal soil…

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