Côtes de Provence

Legend has it that in the 11th Century a Saracen war chief was killed and buried in his golden armour on the estate, hence the name, “Les Sarrins”. The vineyards of Château des Sarrins cover 25 hectares in the village of Saint Antonin du Var, and are planted on slopes at 200 to 250 meters above sea level. The soil, from the tertiary period, is mainly chalky with some clay. The weather is Mediterranean, i.e. warm and dry. Altitude favours spring frosts until the end of April, as well as cool nights in the summer. It also favours a wide temperature range between day and night: in August it is normal to see 33°C during the day and 15°C by night. Since its acquisition in 1995 by Bruno Paillard, the vineyard is organically cultivated: no herbicides are used, but ploughing and natural control methods control parasites.
 The vineyard has been certified “Organic culture” since October 2011. Two thirds of the blend is composed of Cinsault and Grenache and the last third is completed with Syrah, Mourvèdre and a touch of Rolle.

Vintage Product
2014 Chateau des Sarrins Ros̩ Grande Cuv̩e РProvence

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